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Augustfame - Tillandsia Ionantha Huamelula (S)
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Brand Augustfame
Size (L x W x H) 13 cm x 12 cm x 13 cm
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Tillandsia Ionantha has layers of the prettiest green and spiky leaves with silver hues. They grow out of a compact round rosette. These plants are found in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua.

This small green epiphyte usually reaches to 8-12 centimeters in height. The silver-hued leaves turn darker green as the plant matures. The flowering cycle of the Ionantha is one of the most attractive of all other air plant varieties. The plant blooms in March to May when the plant top will turn bright red and violet flowers grow out.

The leaves of the plant turn bright red or pink from the top. Purple-violate flowers grow out in the form of long tubules.
Small fruit appears as subcylindric, septicidal capsule, about 3 centimeters long. It contains seeds covered in a feathery tuft of hair.

Tillandsia Ionantha Care
One reason why Tillandsia plants are popular is their ease of care. Tillandsia Ionantha is no exception either.

They are low maintenance plants. The growth and well being of the plants depends on how much time youre willing to give them and on your geographical location.

Here are some specific requirements for this plant.

Ionantha plants do not need soaking as they are quite sensitive to excess water. You simply have to mist them frequently. Spray the plants twice a week. You can increase the frequency if the weather is hot and dry.

Every time you water them, make sure to turn them upside down and lightly shake them off. This ensures that no water droplets stay between the leaves. Standing water at the base of the leaves will cause them to rot. Its necessary to ensure that that the plant dries up within 2-3 hours of watering.

The ideal temperature range for Tillandsia Ionantha ranges from 60 85 °F (about 15 to 30 °C).

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